The reasonable foreign health insurance for pupils and students

Worldwide well-insured starting at 25 euro per month.

Correspond to legal requirements.

TravelSecure4Students Exclusive
  • Reimbursement of medical aids up to 750 euro
  • Dental treatment and dentures are refundable up to 750 euro
  • Home leave up to 6 weeks

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TravelSecure4Students Comfort

  • Reimbursement of medical aids up to 500 euro
  • Dental treatment and dentures are refundable up to 500 euro

TravelSecure4Students Basic

  • Reimbursement of medical aids up to 250 euro
  • Dental treatment and dentures are refundable up to 250 euro

Here you will find the most important information at a glance

  • What? We offer three different tariffs. Use our calculator for comparison
  • To whom? TravelSecure4Students is oriented to the needs of students, language students, trainees, guest scientists and doctoral candidates
  • Where valid? Insurance coverage consists in Europe or worldwide depending on the selection
  • How long? The duration of insurance coverage is 36 months at most

According to the personal safety requirement you can replenish your private foreign health insurance with additional benefits like the travel liability insurance or the travel accident insurance.
For this just conclude your requested tariff online and send us your complete application via our online calculator. Immediately after receipt of your application we will send complete insurance documents to you – you can choose between (post) mail or directly via e-mail as PDF.

Do you have questions or do you need information on other travel insurances you will find them via

TravelSecure – A partner with experience

As multiple-awarded specialist for travel insurances we offer with TravelSecure4Students a custom-made and reasonable foreign insurance for language students, trainees, students, guest scientists and doctoral candidates in three variations. Are you a student? Select your suitable tariff from the above mentioned Comparison of tariffs.

In many comparisons of foreign health insurances from Finanztest we were chosen as test winner for foreign health insurances. Trust us during your studies abroad.

Enjoy time abroad

Spending a few months abroad is a trend worldwide. Not only students but also pupils, language students, trainees and guest scientists use the time abroad to improve their skills in a foreign language, learn about new cultures and discover the host country with many journeys.

Someone who plans to study abroad has to prove a private foreign health insurance which is valid abroad already at visa application. This is already one of the first requirements for starting the journey. Because if there is no foreign insurance for students, many countries do not grant a visa for example. Someone who can prove that he is insured by a foreign health insurance which is valid in the host country will do not have any problems at visa issuing.

Furthermore students abroad should have concluded a health insurance for abroad because treatments in foreign hospitals or at doctors abroad can become very expensive for the individual student. Especially if you regard the comparison between students in non-European countries and students in Europe. In Europe prices are much cheaper than for example in the US or in Canada. Therefore a travel health insurance, now a foreign travel health insurance is especially suggested for a stay in one of the both countries.

Whether if student or pupil: Worldwide carefree with the private foreign health insurance TravelSecure4Students

A travel insurance is absolutely necessary for the target group of young adults who often go abroad as trainee or student. Because costs for medical treatments abroad are not covered by the statutory health insurance for example. Therefore it is important to conclude a foreign health insurance which offers sufficient protection for the period of the stay abroad.

If you plan to study abroad you should stake on extensive information on your travel insurance and ask the right questions. Especially important for you as a student: a reasonable, worldwide-valid foreign health insurance with comprehensive benefits in case of illness or accident. Hence for example only a private foreign health insurance bears the full costs for a return transport to Germany. If you had not took precautions privately you may would bear very high costs by yourself in an emergency case.

Therefore ask at your health insurance

  • Which treatments are covered?
  • Is the return transport ensured?

Get information e.g. on consumer portals or current tests and compare insurance, tariff and benefits e.g. via independent testers like Finanztest

Being well-insured is paying off at the latest when taking over costs for necessary treatments or the return transport to Germany.

TravelSecure4Students offers with three different tariffs exactly the right foreign insurance. Beside the travel health insurance students can also conclude optionally an accident insurance or a liability insurance. Information on that you will find in the overview which presents the three tariffs in comparison.

Which tariff is best for you?

Which tariff you choose is your decision. However it is worth not just looking how much insurance coverage costs but also studying conditions carefully. To make it easier for you we show all important information in an overview as tariff comparison. Our tariff overview.

No matter which tariff you conclude we will reimburse costs for ambulatory and stationary medical treatment as well as costs for pain-relieving dental treatments and medically prescribed medicine in any case. Although the height of reimbursement is different according to the tariff. Therefore the place of your stay abroad plays an important role. If you travel to the US or Canada you can be sure that costs for treatments are higher there than for example in Europe. The return transport to the home country will be particularly expensive. These costs are not covered by the statutory health insurance in any case. If you stay abroad and an accident or case of illness happens to you, you have to bear for the costs for the return transport to your home country. Except you are insured.

If it is about return transport you should know that some providers do only cover the medically necessary return transport. With a health insurance for students of TravelSecure4Studens we even bear the costs for a medically sensible and responsible return transport to the home country.

Foreign student in Germany? No problem!

Not only students from Germany are increasingly attracted to go abroad. Also many foreign students, trainees, doctoral candidates or guest scientists are coming to Germany. Our foreign health insurance for students is also valid for language students, scholarship holders and doctoral candidates. As incoming health insurance it is also valid for foreign guests and foreign language students in Germany.

It can happen so quickly – Secure yourself with our foreign health insurance for students

An insurance case that actually occurred shows well how important a student insurance is that covers in case of accident or illness.

David S. was looking forward to the end of the year because of two reasons at least. For one thing the party with friends and another spending the night of New Year´s Eve on the other side of the globe, where he wanted to go for such a long time: Australia. Within a longer stay abroad he had learned about the country and had met people during the whole year and finally also celebrated New Year´s Eve in Down Under. Unfortunately the evening came to an abrupt end for David when he was losing balance and was falling through a glass door which broke down under his own weight and broke into thousands of pieces. A fast admission to the hospital and a painful annual closure were following. Because through his fall David has strained a nerve and tendon injury on his hand that followed to further treatments also a tissue transplantation among others. The costs for stationary treatment were 23.000 euro and would have financially burdened David S. and his parents very much. Luckily that he had concluded TravelSecure4Students right before his departure to Australia. Because we paid for the hospital costs and could guarantee the best possible treatment of his injuries with that.